Sherbert the Cat

Sherbert the CatThis lovely little kitten is Sherbet, who was from a feral colony of cats on a farm. His current owners found Sherbet and his siblings and spent lots of time looking after and handling them so they could become acclimatised to domestic life. Due to inbreeding Sherbet was born with severe congenital abnormalities obstructing his bladder.

He was admitted as an emergency to Melbourn Vets one weekend when he was only 16 weeks old as he was crying in pain and unable to pass any urine. Sherbet underwent an emergency operation called a perineal urethrostomy to correct the abnormality and enable him to urinate. After a few days in the hospital he recovered remarkably well and soon returned to his normal cheeky nature.

He was a pleasure to look after and would follow members of staff around the prep room! Sherbet is now a fully grown adult and has very loving owners.

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